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【PROTECT FUNCTION】When power low than 100V or high over 280V, the machine never heating; If the pot material is not suitable or the pot's bottom size is small (less than 8cm), the machine will not output power and heating with a BI sound or please out pot warning.【AUTOMATIC FUNCTION】Can adjust the fire automatically. It was controlled by CPU of the induction cooker. The cook can be finished automatically.【MANUAL ADJUSTABLE FUNCTION】There are several options can be chosen, like fry vegetable, hot pot, barbecue stewing, stir-fry, timer, etc.【SERVICE】Contact us if you have any questions about this product. Sincerely at your service.【SPECIFICATION】Power: 2000W; Size: 36*29*5.5cm; Voltage: 110V

Item Features
1.Portable and powerful 2000W induction hob - great for small & cramped kitchens, caravans, camper vans,
student accommodation, bedsits, rented accommodation and when cooking for large parties or Christmas.
2.Safer, faster and more energy-efficient compared to traditional electric hobs.
3.Easy-to-use with clear 4 digit LED screen display.

1.Automatic function:
Pay attention to the automatic function.
①Automatic function must work with pan, if the bottom is thin, automatic function can’ t used. ②When the automatic function is using, fire and timer can’t adjust.
③The automatic function is better used for cooking more than less.

2.Manual adjustable function:
①It is better to use induction cooker special pot.
②Pay attention to cooking process, in case appear accident.
③After choose cooking project, timer and preset can be selected.
④If you inquire the power and voltage. Press the key can show the current voltage or current of the electricity.

3.protect function:
①Auto-inspection function for small object: when some small iron products (diameter is less than 8cm), the machine will not output power and heating.
②No pot or the material is not suitable for protection: when the temperature of the plate surfaces too high,
the machine will stop outputting power automatically with a long BIBI sound code or fault alarm, until the temperature get cool.

Friendly cookware
Material: iron or stainless steel
Shape: bottom diameter about 12-20cm saucepan or bottom size is 12-20cm square pot
Power Levels: 5
Power: 2000W
Size: 36*29*5.5cm

Package Included
1*main body
1*User Manual

Careshine Portable Digital Electric Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner Cooker Burners 2000W 110V ONFZFSYIT

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