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Mole Hollow Taper Candles are hand dipped in Sturbridge, Massachusetts by skilled craftspeople using the same methods that have been in place since our founding in 1969. Each richly-colored taper candle features our signature Spun Finish. Our Spun Finish is unique to our product, created both by our custom wax blends and the ways in which Mole Hollow craftspeople dip our taper candles. Mole Hollow Taper Candles are smokeless and dripless when burned inside in a standard sized room. Great wedding candles, party candles, and everyday dinner candles. Each box comes stamped with the name of the craftsperson who made your candles. 12" length, 7/8" diameter caribbean blue taper candles, sold in six-pair boxes. Each candle burns for 10 hours.

12" Dripless Taper Candles Caribbean Blue Mole Hollow Candles JNFNXSZGJ

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