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Super Warm 600gsm Cozy Comforter That Assures Good Night’s Rest. Size: 70"x86". Pure Wool Fill: 80% Camel Wool & 20% Lambswool. Cover: 100% Cotton. Camel Wool Comes from Two Humped Bactrian Camels.Helps regulate body temperature and allows the skin to breathe. Recommended for those who experience night sweats or hot flashes. Thermostatic properties of camel hair regulate temperature under all thermal conditions. It makes human body warmer in cold temperatures and cooler in warm temperatures. This is how Mongolian camels got adapted to extreme temperature fluctuations in the desert where the temperature ranges from 100 degrees in summer to minus 40 degrees in winter with snow atop dunes.This comforter will pay for itself in energy savings, you can turn down your thermostat and reduce your bills without sacrificing your sleep. Hypoallergenic, ideal solution for those who are allergic to polyester or other artificial fibers. Wool washed with non-toxic detergent but hasn't been chemically treated. Dust-mite resistant. Comes with a vinyl storage bag that protects the comforter from dirt, dust, moisture & moth.Useful life: at least 10 years, will last longer if used with a duvet cover. Encased in a dense fabric that prevents shedding. Piped edges for durability.Camel wool is more durable and lighter than lambswool. Compared to goose down, wool comforters have no poking/flying feathers and filling doesn't shift like down does. Unlike polyester/down alternative products, wool comforters are antistatic (don't cling to the skin), lighter, temperature regulating and don't harbor dust mites. Unlike production of synthetic comforters, manufacturing of wool comforters doesn't releases air pollutants. Biodegradable, won't clutter landfills.New feature: zipper for checking authenticity of the wool filling. Care: Dry clean if necessary, not washable, washable cover recommended. Matching size duvet covers available at Stains can be removed with soap & water. Fast shipping.

Camel wool is one of the most expensive kids of wool and is generally considered superior to other types of wool. The best camel wool is gathered from two-humped Bactrian camels. Bacterian camels have two types of wool: the outer protective fur called guard hair, which is coarse and inflexible and fine, fluffy, soft shorter fiber of the insulating undercoat. The wool is collected by hand, plucked, combed or shorn away during the molting season. Adult camel can produce only 10 to 20 lbs of wool annually. Since it is a premium fiber, camel hair is usually blended with other types of wool to make it more economical. Blending also makes the coarse guard hair soft and plush. Camel wool is known for its thermostatic properties. It stabilizes the temperature by insulating the animal from the extreme cold conditions in the desert at night and keeping it cool from the heat in the day. Camel hair is lightweight because it is hollow. The hollow space in the center acts as a vacuum making the wool super insulating without added weight. Camel hair provides the best insulation of all the types of wool, which is why it is used for comforters, coats & Mongolian yurts (tents). Camels produce longer fibers than sheep, which results in a more durable product and camel wool comforters are likely to outlast other natural fiber comforters. Like lamb wool, camel hair wicks away moisture caused by perspiration and breathing. Like lamb wool, camel hair naturally repels moisture and dirt so it is inherently clean. On average, camel wool fibers are finer than most lamb wool, which results in a softer, more delicate feel. Unlike synthetic fiber, wool is biodegradable and won't clutter landfills at the end of its useful life. Moreover, cultivation of wool doesn't affect environment while manufacturing of synthetics releases air pollutants.

100% Natural Camel & Lamb Wool Comforter. Twin 70"x86" DSAFVTIMJ

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