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1 Smooth Sided Ball Regular Mouth Quart Jar (32 oz) with 1 Coin Slotted Lid. Jar big enough to fill up without having to remove coins and start over again.The smooth sides make it easy to add a label or to paint and decorate for added incentive. Great for money banks, raffle tickets, shells, marbles or any collectible. Slot is large enough for coins and bills to accumulate.Reveal Gender Party Jars. Have your guests place their votes in the slotted lid color of their choice. Makes a great gift for adults and children. Decorate for added fun. Great way to teach math skills to childrenSmooth Glass quart mason jar Sleek design for crafting and home decor.Baby Shower Gift- Decorate and Fill with Baby Gifts for Expecting Mother and Father

Ball 32oz mason jar with regular mouth slotted lid is perfect for collecting money for baby's future. Use for keeping change or bills. Stylish bank for your home or office. Great incentive to save money! Smooth sides make it easier to decorate. Gender reveal party must have!

1 Smooth Sided Mason Jar with Slotted Lid Regular Mouth Quart 32oz Piggy Bank 1 blue EUOHCBVGW

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