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FRY WITH NO OIL: Elevated mesh basket enables you to "fry" with little or no oil to create perfectly crispy results that are succulent on the inside.HEALTHIER COOKING: Air fry all your favorite deep fried or pan fried dishes in your cooking repertoire (french fries, mozzarella sticks, fried zucchini, breaded shrimp, fried fish and crispy fried chicken) with far fewer calories. Makes perfectly roasted vegetables without having to cover a roasting pan with aluminum foil or vegetable oil. Just toss them in a little herbs and olive oil and voila!GOURMET RESULTS MADE EASY: No need to turn food - nonstick mesh basket does all the work for you. Air circulates around food to assure even browning and crispy air-fried results.TWO PIECE SET WORKS IN TANDEM: Approximately 12" x 9" tray holds the mesh basket and helps food cook evenly, while also saving oven from spatters and spills.EASY CARE: Dishwasher and hand wash safe. No need to use heavy roasting pans. The basket and tray's nonstick ceramic coating assures easy release of food from cooking surface.

1 Copper Oven Air Fryer Crisper Nonstick 2 Piece Tray With Mesh Basket for Oil-Free Air Frying OQUDTIXRN

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